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wheelchair user not getting the support needed

My partner is a wheelchair user, The Housing association he is with have him documented as being in supported housing , He has never even met the support worker , they gave him a new flat in December in addition they gave him 7 days to move in , they gave no help to move , he was injured during the move and due to lack of funds for a reputable removal service his bed , microwave , TV , and other household goods were broken or damaged , He now has no bed , This is hurting both of us having to get him from a floor level into a good position , Eddie can walk a little the distance depends on the extent of his pain on that day . he also has back trouble but the open wounds on both legs cause most distress .
His depression has been is a cause for concern , this is mostly caused by the fact of his last flat that had over 30 stairs but decorated lovely , and now this flat having painted over wall paper and all magnolia , It is really getting him down .
when he asked for help a housing officer said " what did you spend all of your benefit on " . Eddie is a chef and the fact that he is now one benefit is degrading he says , I am sure this is also a factor of his depression , This statement was made about two weeks before Christmas when the new flat was provided and when he was given seven days to move .
Today I am very worried and yesterday he found information that points to the new tenant of whom is now living in his old flat using Eddies detales for the purpose of such things as electrical equipment , Eddie has discover what is thought to be five deliveries in his name and a bill in at least three figures . We contacted the Police but we cant get in touch with the delivery company of which sent a text saying a package is on the way to the old address , this was a fortunate mistake due to us having used the company a few years ago , we also are having trouble getting to speak to staff at the equipment company .
I have gone on a bit and I hope someone reads this who can provide information on a service who can help with any of these issues .


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    Wow read this and was left a little shocked..!!! NO BED???? have you tried contacting adult social services for advise, this is appauling and surely he can not be left like this.!!
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    Sorry following on from that I will also say that unfortunately your housing association wouldn't be liable for any decoration etc, they do have to make sure that housing is adequate to needs but this doesn't cover personal tastes to decoration, hope you manage to sort something x