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Can you contact to me?


  • Martink
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    Hi   Richard / @Chell

    My name   is  Martin   please   can  you  contact  to  me :)

    Martin . 

    I got   yours  details from Kim. 

    thank  you 
  • JenniferU
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    Hi @MartinK,

    If you have a question about employment it would be great if you can ask on here for support? Our advisors are here to support people on the online community, and unfortunately do not have the capacity to contact people via email. 

    Best wishes

  • Martink
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    I  need some Help. , I was out of the hospital where I stayed five weeks. I was diagnosed with recurrent depression disorder, as well as dissociative disorders body  , after trauma .. It  is  beter  , but  stil have  small   symptoms .

    I'm on an average antydepresancie.

    I need help I will have health asesment, regarding my health. But not quite sure what decisions we take. currently receives emergency ESA second level, the Jobcenter. jaak also housing allowance.

    if they disconnect me from the service stop ESA and I will be forced to look for work. not very suitable for factory and kitchen. I can not possibly lead car.

    So after some thought, I am looking for the job that he could would perform computer remotely. I am of Polish live in the uk for 10 years. English communicative medium, I am able to get along on the phone, and in a quiet conversation ...

    I am a qualified computer scientist,IT technician. So I wanted to have a diploma qualifications use  HNC IT  from  Polan  in UK .

    you can somehow I help in the case he asked Jobcenter, no remedy is not to the end of May approaches ...

    I process the data on your computer, or anything else.

    The location does not matter, I can do it remotely via the Internet or relocate to a place ... I live in Cheltenham. There's nothing here ..

    Is there a option?

    a serious problem is the median for a moment, but I have to think about the future ..

  • Chell
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    HI Matink

    There are some options, but they are very limited, there are some insurance companies and IT companies that allow working from home answering queries on the phone.  But you must has suitable IT equipment and will probably mean you are self employed.  ( I know you are not a Mum but they do have some good home working jobs on this site)

    Legitimate work from home jobs & UK home working not used this one before, but they do need IT skills

    Hope this helps.