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Bad employers!

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Hi everyone I'm new to scope and thought I'd start my first discussion with something that's been upsetting me for a while.

i have quite mild ataxic cerebral palsy. I have always worked since leaving college and am now 23. As well as being a support worker which i love. I always work a couple of short evenings a week in a supermarket. (Their slogan being every little helps!) I have been open with them about my CP... But some of the manager there obviously haven't done  Their research and don't think before  They say. In my 12 week review I was told:

I'm not fast enough (well I don't walk at one mile an hour so can't be that slow)
and I need to split my break in half to use The toilet because of my incontinence!!! What a disgusting thing to say!!! 

A while after that I strained all liniments in my ankle and could nearly walk. I was planning to go to the walking centre as the swelling was so bad!!! Instead of being supportive I was told to come in and sit on a till or I get a disciplinary!!! The manager then joked 'can't have you skiving now can we.' I Told another younger manager how unhappy I was and she was really nice but the rest just don't understand. Not one to moan and always give everything my all. I don't know how to approach this with my employer. 


  • JenniferU
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    Hi @JadeB

    Really sorry to hear you're not having a great experience at the moment with your work. I'm sure @Chell will be able to offer you some advice! 

    Keep us updated. 

    Best wishes

  • OlliHannah
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    Hi Jade

    It is against the law for an employer to not make reasonable adjustments to allow you to work. Have a look at Citizens Advice web page on Disability Discrimination At Work as they explain what peoples' rights are (in plain English!)

    Good luck with everything

  • JadeB
    JadeB Member Posts: 62 Courageous
    Thank you. I know my rights,but they always make you feel like you can't say anything. Or you feel silly for making a fuss. I'm also a support worker 2 days a week, so might go into that full time instead xx
  • OlliHannah
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     Hi Jade

    I can understand you feeling like that and your frustration. It sounds like you must be a great support worker as you can really empathise with people & clearly are committed to doing a great job :-)

    If you do decide though that you would like some advice about your employers you may want to contact Action on Disability & Work UK. They have an advice line that is led by disabled people and can give you guidance about how to approach employers when difficulties arise.

    Whatever you decide to do good luck with it!

  • CallumBrazzo1
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    Very unfortunate circumstance.

    Perhaps for extra information, you could research ACAS who deal with law or Douglas Silas, a solicitors who I believe deal with disability law.

    It's not right but please know you are worth more that outsider's perceptions.

    (How funny is that people who may believe they are insiders into how the world works can be OUTSIDERS when it comes to the vibrant beauty of the human spectrum!?)
  • amiss
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    Hi JadeB. I know exactly where you're coming from. This is bullying in the workplace whichever way you look at it. My troubles started in 2010 after an accident that left me disabled which eventually cost me my job. I worked in the NHS I had a service director who threaten me with the sack everyday when I saw him & a line manager who bullied me. The service director always got away because no one dare touch him. However, I was not going to sit down to it & I took them on & gave them hell.
    So this is what I did. I kept a detailed log of every incident however minor it helps to builds a case if you need to take action. I then got a copy of current legislation relating to employment law & highlighted the main areas that affected me. I then got a full copy of the HR manual & here again highlighted the main areas that affected me.  
    Whenever I had a meeting I took in all the manuals so that they could see that I knew what I was talking about. Emails always replied but printed of copies for my records. Telephone calls I logged & made sure that they were always answered. I always shared information with my line manager & HR so that everyone was aware of what is going on.
    I took my line manager head on & made a serious complaint about her & ended up going to mediation I had them running scared. I was told during mediation 'that I was not intentionally bullied'!!!!!? Unison who represented me told me that I had a cast iron case against the hospital but due to their gross incompetence they lost my case for me.
    I know it sounds a lot of hard work but at the end of the day without evidence it's your word against theirs & you do protect yourself. As for a union make sure if you have one it's a good one. Well I hope that this may prove useful. 
  • JadeB
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    Thanks everyone, I did mention I wasn't happy about it to another manager and now, they all keep asking me if I'm alright, or how I'm feeling, or they'll say oh take your time. Think they're starting to realise they were in the wrong x
  • JadeB
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    I have now left the job as I couldn't take it any more. My manager never gave up making me feel inadequate. Kept on about be not being fast enough. Golf enough etc. After I much heated argument I have quit. The woman just couldn't get it into her head for God sakes. So they can keep thier job x
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    I know this is an old thread... but as this has happened to me recently, the easiest way to get a manager off your back is to take it up higher.

    If you want to get serious with them, then make sure the senior manager is aware that DISABILITY BULLYING is a HATE CRIME and that you WILL GO TO THE LOCAL PRESS with the information about your manager and their repeated issue with disabled staff.

    That will probably get your manager reprimanded, and you will never have a problem again... worked for me anyway.

  • bendigedig
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    Go and see an employment solicitor.  Tell them how "distressing" this has been and see where you stand.

    you may be due some damages/compensation.   Might get a nice little holiday out of this :)

    Dont think that this is troublemaking, A huge cooperation like TESCO will not bat an eylid at making good the MASSIVELY STUPID ACTIONS of one of its managers.  They dont care about you, the company will just see putting things right as damage limitation.

    Take them to the cleaners if you can.  If not for yourself then for all of us.  Oh and by the way let that manager know that I think he should go and boil his head. What an IDIOT!