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Here's the Diagnoses!! But Now What???

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31st August 2015 my son was diagnosed with ASD to go along with the ADHD & Severe Learning Difficulties diagnose given in the April..

Since the diagnose I have been left wondering what to do now, should I be looking at a different school? Should I be looking at extra help from somewhere to keep my child in a mainstream junior school, where do I look for help, what do I di now?

Just what am I meant to do now????

The self help information websites I was given did not actually help me, they discussed about how to deal with non verbal children, non response children... My 8 year old son has been given a diagnoses of having ASD, ADHD and Severe learning difficulties with complex needs, he will talk to you, he learns at his on pace, he will look at you, he will show compassion, he will recall memories from years ago that you have forgotten about, he has toilet problems, he will only wear certain clothes, he will have a meltdown if you move his toys or if you think that taking him to the barbers can happen when its empty in the shop and you have not given him prior notice.. the list can go on forever..

But really ..... what do I do now? Where do I go from here? Should he be in a mainstream school where he isn't making any progress? Should I force him to move to a school where he knows no one? Should/What/Why?????

Why should I be just left here asking all these questions? Why can't I have someone else to help and talk to about all of my questions???? When your own GP asks why your son is still in mainstream junior school you well I start questioning my own decisions.....................