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First time mum

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First time mum to Jack born on 6-7-16 7 weeks early. Last Wednesday when he was 10 weeks old (3 corrected) we found out he had had a brain hemmorrage probably before or close to when he was born. The damage is extensive to the left side, not as bad to the right side and there is a large cyst to the front. We have been told he will likely have Cerebal palsy, and the chance of him leading a normal life and going to school etc are slim to none. There's no way anyone could tell by looking at him now, he's doing everything a 3 week old should do. 

As as a complication of the bleed he also has hydrocephalus and will need a shunt in the future. 

Myself and and my partner are both devastated and heartbroken. I don't know how we can get through this and I'm terrified for what the future will bring. 


  • Chris_Alumni
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    Hi @jacksmum0607, I'm very sorry to hear of your troubles, and I hope that you find this community to be warm and supportive. You will find many people on here who have cerebral palsy who may be able to share their experiences with you. If you feel you need to talk to someone over the phone please do call our free helpline on 0808 800 3333.

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    As with any new mother you are always going to worry about your baby but non of us have a crystal ball telling us the future just enjoy every day with your wonderful child and tackle each hurdle as it comes one at a time the extent of your sons difficulties will not be apparent until he gets a little older just face the challenges as they come.  Your son is a blessing and will bring your more joy than you can imagine x

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    Hi @jacksmum0607 how are you getting on?
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