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ESA query

mintygreen11mintygreen11 Member Posts: 3
i have been on ESA  for physical and mental issues since 2009 and am in Support Group. i was sent a Work Capability Questionnaire which i have filled out and sent off. it was received in time. i was awaiting supporting evidence from both Mental Health team and my GP (had a rough time lately  and medication changes etc). GP said she couldn't provide note any earlier than 4 weeks due to their policy. I sent WCQ off on 28th September (it was due on Oct 6th and DWP told me they had received it on 4th). i had told them doctors note is coming and will send it on. 

so it is about 4 weeks now since then. GP still hasn't completed note although i do have MH services note. i am away tommorow on a much needed holiday (For a week) paid for by a relative. this was arranged many months ago. and i had no idea ESA would send me WCQ.. DWP is aware i am away this week as when i filled in questionnaired i had to tell them any dates for asessment i would not be available. 

my worry is now that because my evidence is late my ESA payment which is due on Friday the 28th Oct will be stopped as although my WCQ been sent, my evidence letters haven't? i don't know wjhat to do. i have a lot of anxiety anyway and don't know whether my anxiety is causing this or if this is a valid concern?????


  • mintygreen11mintygreen11 Member Posts: 3
    So what do i do? do i send them Mental Health team note NOW and tell them GP note is on its way???????
  • 2014msaeed2014msaeed Member Posts: 3
  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering
    Dear mintygreen11,

    Yes you should absolutely send off the evidence you have and explain to the DWP that you are still waiting for the doctor's note. You could remind them you're going to be away and so you now won't be able to forward it to them until you get back (I assume). 

    There's no reason for your ESA to be stopped if you keep the DWP informed of everything. The GP's note is evidence, but so is what you have written on the questionnaire, and so is the mental health supporting evidence. If you make the DWP aware of why you can't supply something, then you've shown that you have a good reason for any delay, and in any case, they may have enough evidence with the mental health note and your answers. 

    As long as you let them know about the delay then you've done everything you could be required to do - and importantly, you have returned the questionnaire on time.

    I hope you can enjoy your holiday, I know it's hard when this type of thing is hanging over you, but just keep them informed and it should be fine.

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