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Hi im going for a DWP assessment next week as im on ESA long term I have Angina Aterial Fibrilation and a heart murmer would this be classed as a congenital condition Thanks I think I may be medically retired due to a recent brain op which has left me with problems

Nick Page


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    Hello Nick

    Firstly, someone can go into the assessment with you.

    It is likely that you will be observed walking to the assessment room from the waiting room, so do not put on a brave face, if you need to stop due to pain, or breathlessness then stop.  Secondly, if you have letters from hospital specialists or discharge notes about your conditions it is worth taking these to the medical assessment and giving them to the assessor at the start of your appointment.

    You will be asked about your diagnosed conditions, your recent operation, the effects of your ill health and what medication you take. You may be asked how you got to the assessment e.g. bus/taxi, and how you manage routine activities e.g. shopping. When answering questions you need to think about how you are most of the time.

    You will be invited to take part in a physical examination e.g. reaching up with your arms, and also you may be asked memory questions, or asked to count backwards in 7’s from 100.

    As ESA is a points based system the assessor will then complete a report for the DWP stating how many points they have assessed you as having.  You need at least 15 points for ESA to be awarded.

    Importantly, even if you do not get 15 points you can still be awarded ESA, for example if you are still recovering from treatment at hospital or there would be a substantial risk to your health if you had to return to work.  If this is the case please ensure that you tell the assessor how your health would substantially be affected e.g. you would end up in hospital. If you have any medical evidence to back this up, point this out to the assessor.

    I wish you luck at the assessment


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