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Will my son still get DLA now he's started work?

clare16 Member Posts: 5
Hi my son gets dla and he has started work and he has just had a letter and im concerned because with him working does he still get dla and i m wondering if he has to pay back an overpayment because everything is changing 


  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hi clare16,

    Your son can definitely get DLA and still work. There's no overpayment of DLA which could be caused by working, unless the work made the DWP think that he no longer met the care or mobility conditions. However, if your son is over 16, sooner or later he will be asked to claim PIP, which uses a different test, & he might have to go for a medical. If he gets PIP, he can still work.

    The benefit most likely to be affected by your son working would be ESA (employment and support allowance), although it is possible to do 'permitted work' and still get ESA.

    Finally if your son is 16 or over, works 16 hours or more and gets DLA he could apply for Working Tax Credit (WTC) too, depending on his income. In some areas WTC has been replaced by Universal Credit & the rules are different, so feel free to post back & tell us where your son lives.

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  • clare16
    clare16 Member Posts: 5
    cheers for the reply and and i know things are changing atm with benefits and i ve rung them to double check b4 i read this he s 21 and works in a store 16 hrs but because he s autistic he works on the till because he wasnt good at adapting to difference roles and he s happy that he s working and everythin routine xxx
  • Robs
    Robs Member Posts: 49 Courageous
    As long as you do not work more than 16 hours, you don't even have to notify the DWP.


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