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Hi, my name is cathf!

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Hi, my son 5yr has recently been diagnosed with autism. I'm currently living in Yorkshire, I'm Irish and have been living over here for the past 16yrs. I'm married and have two children, one of each..my son aged 5 and my daughter 4 next mth. 
i've never joined a forum, nor am I one to ask for help..but lately I seam to be struggling with my dons behaviour


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    Hi @cathf, welcome to the community, I hope you find it helpful and I'm sure you'll find lots of other members will be able to share there experiences with you. You might like to check out our discussions on 'learning difficulties and autism' and our 'parents and carers' discussions.
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    Hi Cathf,  I am surprise that Dr pick up your son medical condition quite late (5 years old) I come across information that autism is diagnosed much earlier in life. If you looking for forum for parents who have autistic children please refer yourself here http://www.hiphackney.org.uk .  You will find  here lots of useful tips and group of people who are also professionals. 
    It is parental forum created by parents in Hackney in London. The group od parents meet and discuss different issues related to brining out disable/ autistic child ( for example future problem of exclusion from education in schools). 
    Autistic children like creativity. Perhaps you could involve your son into fantastic games with clay/ moving sand/ and so on. 
    Any unaccented  child behaviour is a way of asking for attention, spending time together. Perhaps creativity will help settle your little boy better, reading books follow by  drawing characters, paintings allowing to change into story character will keep busy. I am personally mum to 6.5 years old boy and it seems that boys are more all over the places than little girls. I hope I could help a bit and build up a confidence in you to deal with new experience. I almost forgot there is a  HACKNEY ARK
    http://www.cityandhackneycamhs.org.uk/professionals/camhs-disability/ in London which accept self referrals for child to be seen by specialist who could perhaps help with more professional advise. I hope you will find your way to help your child. 

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    Thank you both..I'll check all links out...