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Suitable accommodation as a disabled mum

I'm a single parent with 2 children one is still a dependant and the other is an adult.  I'm disabled and I'm very lost when it comes to finding suitable accommodation and who to approach.  Can anyone give a bit of direction?


  • Alex
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    Hi @kittyklaw48,

    Sorry we weren't able to answer this. How's everything going?

    We have an amazing housing expert on the community @DebbieVoakes who may be able to help if you're still searching.
  • Jackie
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     Hi @kittyklaw48,

    Likewise so sorry for taking such a long time to get back to you. It sounds like you have got your hands full. Have you tried approaching the housing department of your local authority [see their website for a contact no./email address]? You need to explain your circumstances to them and ask how you go about getting your name down on any waiting list for housing [including housing associations]. Also state that you are disabled so you may be needing adaptations to be carried out to any property you are offered [ramp/stair lift/level access shower etc]. Ask what the procedure is for being assessed for aids and adaptations and also ask whether your local authority has got a disabled person's housing register that your name could also be put down on [a register of housing that has already been adapted]. They should be able to talk you through the whole process.

    If you feel this is too difficult then it may be worth contacting and making an appointment to see someone at your local CAB [Citizens Advice Bureau]. You need to ask for an appointment to see one of their advisers so that they could perhaps do the telephoning on your behalf when you see them [you would have to be present when they make the call on your behalf to housing] They could also help you complete any paperwork that your housing department requires. To find your nearest CAB [and their opening times] click on this website where you can insert your postcode to find your nearest branch:


    I really hope this helps.