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Its ok to be scared

norrms Member Posts: 41 Courageous
Written NINE years ago when i was first diagnosed with dementia aged just 50, please share if you wish to..

Ok to be

It’s ok to be scared he said to me,
Just after telling me I’d got AD,
That’s ok for you to say,
Don`t you know you’ve just ruined my day?
Sitting there without a care,
Looking over your glasses in you big plush chair
What happens now, do I pray?
Or just carry on from day to day,
As if nothing’s wrong? That should be fun,
When you`ve just said my life is done,
What do you mean there is no cure?
Of that are you absolutely sure?
Well I for one do not believe,
That these symptoms you can’t relieve
So I will go now and try my best
To be the winner of my new Quest!!

There is always hope, best wishes, Norrms and family

i was also once a little angry ...........................