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Hi, my name is Dwayne1961!

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Greetings, All!  Dwayne, here! 
As of December 2016, I am 55-years-old... I have already been dealing with a number of mental health & physical health diagnoses that have led to increased disability, since I first started on my government disability pension, back in September 1992.  It has been a hard journey.  And now, after my most recent medical appointment, I find I have two more diagnoses!  I have all the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome -- they are still figuring out what parameters there are to my specific diagnosis.  And, I have Hydrocephalus -- fluid on the brain... I already deal with repetitive incidents of fluid on my heart... Now I have spinal fluid backing-up into my brain!   !!#$$!%!#^%$&*#$!!!  ... And, that fluid is crushing my grey matter to the point of atrophy... Which, in turn, is causing or worsening my early stage dementia.  
I carry on as best I can... with dry wit or outright humour... and when that isn't working for me, I force myself to take one step at a time -- even when those steps involve taking time for Rest & Relaxation.  
I look forward to dialogue within this online community. 
Light & Love!  )O( 
The Reverend L. Dwayne Decker
Light & Love!  )O(  
The Reverend L. Dwayne Decker (ULC) 


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    Hi @Dwayne1961

    Welcome here. Seams you have lots but you do right things one step on a time is quite good. Relaxation and Humour are welcome on a board too. Enjoy your retirement time. 

    Have a nice evening.