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Radio on buses.

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Hi all from Fm. There is now a new menace on buses for sufferers of really severe neurological disorders like misophonia and autism, some bus operators are now experimenting with using piped radio through speakers right throughout the whole bus so there's nowhere you can escape it. What are people with such serious disorders supposed to do when they can't work and support a car and therefore HAVE to use buses but absolutely can't stand radio? I had to stop listening to radio way back in about 1995 because of what became absolutely intolerable noise and buses are now supposed to be "accessible to everyone" since 2016 but fitting radio makes them totally inaccessible to anyone like me which is a serious breach of disability rights. And I absolutely HAVE to use buses almost every day so now I'm going to have to make a deadly serious formal complaint to the operator near to my area who are experimenting with radio on their vehicles. After all if I started playing music on a bus through speakers I would get told to switch it off or get off the bus sharpish. But they think they can do what they want, it's the same old story all over again, WE can, YOU can't!  So if anyone else suffers from any disorder that means they are seriously sensitive to certain noises and they have to use buses and they're starting using radio on your local buses don't suffer in silence, get them TOLD, I certainly will! You have rights in the UK so use them and if the operator won't co-operate take it further. I certainly will if I have to. And of course the bus drivers don't have any control over the radio so it's no use asking them to turn it off. This is one deadly serious issue which I absolutely WILL NOT tolerate, I can't be prevented from using public transport because of disability, as I've already told one inspector it's illegal to deny anyone use of public transport because of disability. So don't stand for it, get them told! Fm.


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    Hi Fundemtalist
    I am sorry for you experiencing inconvenience. Since I do suffer my medical condition I fall in love with peaceful environment too. 
    I think you should write a little letter to the Mayor of London or Boss of Public Transport. 
    At least your voice will be heard and the echo will be pulsing in the Air. 
    If you want to change something you need to do yourself. 

    I would recommend the speaks organisation
    This is organisation who support people so their voice can  be heard. 

    Have a nice evening. 

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    A friend of mine with autism struggles with noise and wears noise cancelling headphones when out and about.  He understands that he can't control other people and that life IS noisy, and so he takes control of what he can do for himself.   :)
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