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Appealing PIP after losing car

HeisigPG Member Posts: 1 Listener
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I have been on DLA Mobility for about 25 years, I was awarded it for life. My condition has worsened over the years. I have ankalosing Spondilitis and there is not a joint in my body that does not have arthritis in it, I have had surgery etc, but I work full time, it's an office job and my colleges and help me no end.
PIP came along and someone who knows nothing about me said "I was articulate" and seemed to manage, she not once asked me about walking? Needles to say I lost the benefit and had to give the car back, I'm borrowing my sons car at the moment but it's not convenient. 
I don't understand why they have done this, if I have to give up my job then I will have to claim ESA council tax, housing benefit etc, so it will cost more to keep me at home.
I love my job, it makes me get out of bed.
my appeal is tomorrow so wish me luck.
before I go, how do people fake disability???? It makes me so angry it really does.


  • Castleford1
    Castleford1 Member Posts: 59 Courageous
    Good Luck HelsigPG.  Hope you are successful.  Do let us know how you get on.  My daughter has had mobility car for 25 years got it for hip deformity and Scoliosis.  I'm absolutely bricking it about when she has to have PIP Assessment.  She has severe learning disabilities and can't be left alone or go out alone, so don't know. Good Luck.
  • scouser
    scouser Member Posts: 14 Listener
    Well I hope this helps you I had my pip face to face and I can't drive cos my health stops me but I have a scooter on mobility and I was on high rate walking and mid care on dla for over 15 years and I was also scared of loseing my scooter . I have a number of health proms and they asked me a lot of things about my health put most off all they asked me what does it stop me doing and what help I needed etc and I showed them I can't walk more than 20 m can't cook etc. I have said this before it's not what's wronge with you it's what it stopes you from doing so you all need to sit down work out what you can't do and write it down i.e. I can't walk more then 20 NCOs the pain is so bad etc or you can't life your arms up over your head and some as to dress me loser body i.e. But shoes socks on etc cos I can't bend etc if you just sit there thinking well I got this etc so they should believe you well they won't you have to get them to believe you by getting out your chairs etc remember this they believe other poeple in past and gave them the benefit and then in 6 moths ir years later they get a call saying that person that pasted for bla as just be court playing a 13 hole goal course with no help walked with out help etc so now they got pip witch is for poeple who can't walk cook etc cos of there health but you now have to show them you can't do Day to day things not just say it as they don't believe you untill you show them and if you can get out of a mobility care and walk 20 m or more to your decked then I am sorry they will take the care or scooter off you think about what your saying befor you say it 
  • scouser
    scouser Member Posts: 14 Listener
    I passed mine pip and get high walking and high care were I only had mid care on dla but I showed them and I no many that as lose it but they didn't get up and walked etc to show them how bad  they were and lose there case you need to show them your disabilities and how hard it is and not just that you need to be one step a head of them in thinking as the face to face is all set up in there faved as it's about 20 m for car park and then 18m from the resement to the offices so if you can walk that then you got no chance 


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