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Filling in PIP forms is making me feel so alone and scared

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Thank you for letting me join your group i have a few disabilities and already receive pip ( which i waited over a year for and had an assesment miles away from my home  ) i have now been diagnosed with a new illness ( well new to me that is ) fibromyalgia i was told i had to by law ! inform pip which i have now done and they have sent me a whole new book to fill in , they say it is to see if im under or over paid . I should have ( im told)  appealed my first mobilty component assesment as the score was to low , this was because i was interviewed by a physiotherapist who said  i was able to read so didnt need help with travel ( i am disylec and had several test and assesment by several psychiatrists and have a huge statement declaring that im dyslexic) its not only words i have trouble with its lights , numbers and direction my physical abilities didnt seam to count ! . I realy need help to fill in my form , i am working myself up into a state and its making me ill pleas is there anyone who can help me i feel so alone and scared i have asked family members to help but the dont want to sorry to be a pain i have tryed citezens advice but cant get throgh


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    Hi @cazimmo
    Welcome to the community, there is a guide guide to filling in PIP forms on the CAB website here or you can see if you have a CAB office close to you where you could ask for help face to face.

    If you would like to speak to someone on the phone, you can call the Scope helpline on 0808 800 3333.

    Please dont feel alone, there are so many people on this community who have had to fill in forms and they understand the stress and anxiety this can cause, do chat with other members here.  I hope we can help you feel a little better about this.
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    Hello you must Describe HOW your Disability Affect your Every day Living.. Describe it in Great Detail.. using extra Paper if necessary..
    Its not WHAT your Disability you Have ..but Actually how it Affects you !
    Get lots and lots .of evidence... 
    it will take a few days to fill out, its not a 20 minute form
    go through and answer what you can then... Pace your self and answer one Question every day.. 
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    Hi @cazimmo

    It took me a long time to fill in my PIP form.  I phoned DWP to ask for extra time because it was a long, complex form and I would need to seek help to complete it.  They gave me two extra weeks, so in practice I had about five weeks to fill in the form.  If you need extra time, phone DWP.  And don't let them fob you off - insist that you need more time because you have to get help.

    The Disability Rights website gives a draft diary which you can adapt to suit your circumstances.  Even the DWP PIP notes recommend sending a diary - I sent in a week's diary.

    Have a look at 

    This gives details of what health professionals should look for on the application form and diary.  And read Disability Rights and CAB guides to PIP on their respective websites, especially the former

    Disability Rights is better on descriptors,  But CAB make the point that you shouldn't tick 'it varies' in the walking distance section.  (Could give assessors too much scope for deciding you can walk well more than 50% of the time! ).  Tick one of the specific distance boxes.

    Disability Rights say you should list in the diary all the aids you use, and they also say that you get points if you are unable to complete a task.

    Remember:  getting PIP points is all about how your conditions affect you on a daily basis, not the conditions themselves.
    You might be able to get face to face help locally, from CAB or a similar advice agency, to fill in PIP forms.  Scope Helpline could tell you what's available locally.
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    Thank you every one for your help it means a lot just knowing someone is there xxx


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