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How hard is it to get a new job wen u suffer from bipolor iv worked for same company for 10 years but iv hated my job for 5 years but too afraid to leave because I'm not sure I'd get another job


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    Could you try looking whilst still in your current job?
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    I have been looking but afraid to take the next step my illness has gotten worse over last 3 years and iv had loads of time off people keep telling me I shouldn't be working if am this bad but I need my job n the routine n stability it gives me
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    You do not need to declare a disability when you apply for job although sometimes it makes life easier to declare early. It depends on how much you feel your condition will impact you in any role.

    You could look for companies who are in the Two Ticks scheme as they show a commitment to support disabled employees.

    Have you considered contacting the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service. This is a free service where you will be provided with support to help you in work.

    The fact you have been in a role for 10 years proves to prospective employers that you are capable of performing in a role. It is generally easier to find work when you are in work. Do not be afraid to apply for jobs if you feel that are capable. 


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