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Update on asessment

It is now a week since my Husband's assessment and we have heard nothing from DWP His money is due in the Bank on Wednesday this week. If we have not had any news before then I will be interested to see if there is anything deposited! If there is not, and they have not bothered to tell us I will be putting in an official complaint. This has been a fiasco from start to finish( although clearly it isn't finished yet). Ten month wait between sending the form in and getting an appointment. New medical evidence sent in good time to the assessment office who sent the form in the first place. They did not bother to pass that evidence onto the assessor. Had I known they were not going to do their job I could have simply brought them with us.

If we hear nothing by Wednesday I will activate, lol , and believe me once I get going I am a terrier. will keep you updated.

I love this forum :-)


  • Justice
    Justice Member Posts: 198 Pioneering
    Today we had a call to say that Husband scored zero points. It is so ridiculous I actually laughed down the phone at the decision maker which seemed to take him a little by surprise. We were told that Hubby should go to the Jobcentre, and claim JSA. I have told them emphatically that will not be happening as he is not fit to work, and not seeking a job. I told him I want a copy of the full report from the assessor, and that we will be applying for an MR, followed if necessary by an appeal.
    I brought alot of things up in the conversation, and he said to me " You are making some very strong points there, write them down so that you don't forget"
    I replied that I wont forget as these points are also part of my research for a Book I am writing about the prejudice against Disabled People in the UK with particular reference to the ineptitude, and inefficiency displayed in almost every case by the DWP and the Assessors. 

    there was at this point a deathly silence  :-), I also said that I would be lodging an official complaint on how the process had been handled from start to finish.
    He asked me alot of questions about Parkinson's Disease, and listened, and said he thinks I have a good case for the MR( This could be a cop out on his behalf, we shall see).

    He said he will send all the papers for the complaint process, and a copy of the assessment form tonight, so it should be with us by Thursday, again, seeing is believing.
    One thing I really need to check though, and perhaps a benefits advisor from Scope may be able to answer this. Is it a fact that if one has a neurological disease that they should be assessed by a Doctor and not a Physio or the like?
    That would be a good point to put in the appeal, but I don't want to use it unless I am sure.
    I would appreciate any feedback on that.
    Off to bed now, probably not to sleep the way I am feeling.

  • sundontshine123
    sundontshine123 Member Posts: 91 Courageous
    Have you read the Paul Gray second independent review for pip. should of quoted that to them.
    I had review feb and begin march lost my award so now waiting for decision on my M R. not holding my breath.


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