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hi everyone

Newbie here. Have been going through hell since DLA to PIP transition since October 2017. After Atos refused a home visit despite having medical evidence, my complain went ignored and my claim for pip was refused on the basis I did not turn up to centre. Had to get my MP involved and magically I was granted a home visit. Atos blamed and accused DWP when in fact it was Atos who completely dismissed all the evidence I had sent. 

After days of emailing Atos requesting if I can record my home assessment and asking for the name of the assessor, being ignored, again had to contact my MP. Atos agreed I could record my medical but refused point blank to give me the name and medical qualification of HP. But then decided to give me the name yesterday after I said I am entitled to know the name and occupation of the person entering my home. 

Today i chased up atos  again asking what type of HP the lady was but I was refused the details as I told them she was not registered on HCPC or GCM. I emailed my MP as I got to breaking point as my home visit is this Monday. I eventually found details of the lady who is a registered learning disability nurse with no other qualifications. While I appreciate that they cannot allocate certain HP for patients with certain conditions, im shocked that they are sending a learning disability nurse who has no knowledge, qualifications or experience in the many conditions  I suffer with. I have dual mental health conditions, arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, spinal injury amongst many other things. I have read the horror stories of how wrong some of these nurses are treating patients and failing them with lies and inaccurate information.

this whole process has caused me a nervous breakdown again and again. They have made my conditions worse to the point of being suicidal. I can't believe how many others like me have suffered and the government are still allowing the discrimination and mistreatment by these so called professionals.

how can I be assessed by a person who doesn't know or understand my conditions? I complained today and said I was not happy but as usual Atos have ignored my email. I've been bed ridden for so long that I've missed hospital appointments as the stress has caused me so much loss of sleep when I already suffer with insomnia, I can't eat, sleep, can't think. I can't remember the last time I smiled or felt some sort of nice feeling. I feel so dead inside. I'm dreading Monday and don't know how I will get through this.

instill have to buy recording equipment. It's not cheap. Checked Argos the machine is £25, meaning I have to buy 2 as well as cassettes. I just want to give up. All his suffering isn't worth it. They are ruining lives, taking lives and nothing can b done.


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    Hi @pipnightmare, So sorry you are having such a bad time. Do you have any family or a friend who could help you get through this? Well done for standing up to ATOS. It's good if you can record the assessment but if not remember you are entitled to see the computer screen so that what is written matches what is being told to the assessor. Even asking to do this will send out a strong message that you will not put up with lies being written about you. Try and focus on the positives that you still have the chance to get it done correctly whereas most of us on here only found out what assessor's are like (maybe not all of them) when the report was sent to us afterwards. You sound stronger than you think you are so chin up and remember we're here supporting you in the background.
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    pipnightmare, hope it all goes well for you,
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    Hi pipnightmare,

    How was it? I understand your concerns about the qualifications of the assessor. In the end what matters is whether she listened to your answers and made a fair report. ATOS are likely to say that all the HPs receive training. I would consider how the assessment went and what the report is like (do ask for a copy, whatever the result of your PIP claim).

    If you're not happy, complain - but I would wait first to see if the report is any good, just in case - there's still a chance you will get the correct outcome. It sounds as if your MP is supportive which is good because you may need their help.

    Let us know what the outcome is - what decision you get for your PIP. And if you're not happy with the home assessment and/or the report, consider asking your MP to help you with the complaints process.

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