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Can I get a grant?

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  • AntoniaXX
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    I am in Cornwall do they do grants i am bed bound 99% of my life and often leak even with my Tena night and day large pads at the moment my matress has black mold over it through needing it turned over so i can have the dry parts to sleep or sit on i am 30st and bi-polar personality disorder i and known very forgetful and a danger to myself and others aswell as self harm .. also my cooker was left in the home and does not belong to my land lord , i rent privately  and now it has stopped working  . I only had my laptop to keep me going crazy , Is there any place i can get a grant for another laptop or a place possibly donates them  for disabled  people ,
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    Hi @AntoniaXX I am so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time, are you getting any support at all?

    There is a search facility for grants here that you can look at but I would also be looking for support for your bed and cooker issues.
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    Hi @AntoniaXX,

    Sorry to hear that about your difficulties, I hope you're OK.

    Cornwall Council offers crisis and care grants so this would be a good place to start. Have a look and see if you would qualify. The local authority may also be able to help you access low cost furniture and white goods.

    If you're on income related benefits you can apply for a budgeting loan. Admittedly this is a loan but before you apply for any grants you would probably be expected to exhaust statutory sources of help first.

    I note that you're using Tena pads and I wonder if you pay for these yourself? Continence products can be prescribed on the NHS and this can cut some of your costs down if you qualify.

    As @Sam_Scope suggests, use the grant search on our website to find grants for a new laptop. This is the most comprehensive grants database we know of so hopefully you'll find something through this avenue.

    It's also worth thinking about whether your income is maximised. Are you receiving benefits and if so are you getting everything you should be? You can use the benefits calculator on our website to find out if there's anything missing.

    Finally, do you have friends/family/carers to help you?

    All the best