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Had anyone else noticed a rise in abuse?

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Had anyone else noticed a rise in abuse ? Ever since this government levelled a stream of  what can only be termed as abuse towards those with mental health or physical disabities, I personally have noticed a rise in insults and abuse. Over the last year's this government has labelled us as lazy, work shy,  benefit fraudsters, non aspirational, and non deserving. I have been spat at, shouted at (get to work ya lazy b*****rd , told to go home and don't scare the public.). The list just goes on. Has anyone else noticed this rise, it is it just me ?


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    Hi @Fubarred, sorry to hear  what was happening to you. Your story is sad. 
    It is sad how other  people  (government, healthy) treating disable people anyway. 
    Tell them next time that in the eyes of God we are all equals and one day they can suffer too. 
    I hope you will not face any more similar situations. I know you fill angry but try to take a deep breath and change the negative experience into positive one. 

    I hope you will be able to relax and chill out over the Easter at least. 

    Wishing you warm and happy moments over Easter. 

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    Hi @Fubarred

    Welcome to the community. I'm so sorry to hear the abuse you've faced.

    I've moved your post to the "disabled people" category to see if others have had similar experiences.