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18 yr old daughter with CP - smooth transition to adulthood?

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I have an 18yr old daughter with cerebral palsy. She is leaving school in July and hopefully going onto college in September subject to funding from KCC. Just trying to find out about transition from childhood to adulthood and trying to make it as smooth as possible for both my daughter and myself.


  • wildlife
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    Hi Vonn22, Can you give us more details of what it is you want some advice about? x

  • vonn22
    vonn22 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Before I joined this group I was trying to get a social worker for my daughter, I tried last summer and got now where. So I tried again last month and was getting frustrated that I had not heard anything yet again, that was when I joined the group. Last Friday someone from Adult Social Services called and I know have an appointment in the next few weeks.  So feeling a lot better than last week.

    Thanks for  your offer of advice xx

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    Oh I am glad you are getting sorted! Do still join in on the discussions here, we have such a lovely community of members and it might help you to connect with others in a similar situation.
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    Hi @Vonn22,

    Have you had your appointment with social services now? How did it go?