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Dla/change in circumstances

mcdonald50 Member Posts: 4 Listener
Hi I was awarded dla 8yr ago. Since then I have got worse. I recently was put into support group of esa for another yr can I use the evidence I used for my esa for pip/dla reconsideration. 


  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Member Posts: 603 Pioneering
    If it's relevant to the PIP descriptors you can.
  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,308 Pioneering
    edited August 2017
    @mcdonald50 Just to clarify for you that from what you say you will be contacting DWP to tell them your condition has got worse. This is what happened to me and I was on DLA before and was told to apply for PIP. I asked if I had the option to stay on DLA and was told "No, not now you've told us there's a change of circumstance". DLA to PIP isn't easy but if you do as much research as you are able, have lots of medical evidence and are ready for a fight you should be OK. Sorry about the last bit but I wish I'd known what I know now when starting on this journey. It's not called a reconsideration by the way, that's something that happens when the first decision isn't acceptable. Good Luck.. 
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hi mcdonald50

    It is difficult to answer your question without knowing the details of your case. Also it's not clear what stage of decision making your claim is up to.

    ESA and PIP/DLA are in many ways very different benefits and the decisions should be made completely independently of each other. That said there can be areas that overlap and sometimes evidence is useful for both.

    As we always say it is best to get some help from a local advice service if possible. The Scope helpline can help you with this.

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  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Member Posts: 603 Pioneering
    When were you put into support group? I think there's a limit on the age of evidence that can be used, which is why I didn't send something in for PIP, which apparently, I should have done. But it was very out of date. (about 9 years)
  • johnny100
    johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    my DLA was dated 2008 and the used evidence off it .Do not fall into the trap like I did and was awarded less and it currently going through the tribunal process.You have to remember that you first submission was in 2009,this is now 2017 and unless you have made a remarkable recovery in that time,on the PIP form do not tick the box that says refer to old evidence,.


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