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Slimming World - fluctuating weight

KathWells1957 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I have mobility problems and have joined slimming world but weight is fluctuating. Can  any one offer any advice please. TIA.KIND REGARDS. Kath.


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @KathWells1957 welcome to the community, I have moved your post to the Ask a Diet and Nutrition advisor section.

    Is there any kind of exercise that you can manage? I think that diet needs to be accompanied by physical activity too.  I found this link to seated exercises and there are youtube videos included showing exercises for wheelchair users that might be useful?
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  • mossycow
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    I have found that advice, recipes and info is fantastic on diabetes UK but even more so on British Heart Foundation and you don't need to have those health problems to access info and fund them useful. 

    I do think it's a long game. Really changes that you can stick to. For me, I've lost weight by buying smaller bowls for main meals. But... I do find it so hard to keep up the amount of cooking and resulting tidying up. 

    I have found great success is finding out what foods are great for me and focusing on enjoying, cooking and eating the. Rather than banning foods. E. G. veggies and pulses are the way forward in life. I love using Pinterest for browsing delicious things to do with veg..... 

    Agree with activity. And I'd add mental health. Doing things that make you happy AND are active must be the answer! 

    What do you enjoy? 
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    Thanks @mossycow Im going to take a look at the British Heart Foundation recipe finder!
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  • KirstenNutritionAdvisor
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    How much is your weight fluctuating by? 

    Fluctuations in weight are normal my weight changes by 7 lbs.

    try not to get to focus on weight and try to instead focus on eating for health.

    when you swap your focus it becomes easier. I realise this sounds contradictory. 

    But I've seen so many people get fixated on their weight they get frustrated and give up.
    rome wasn't build in a day, focus on eating foods that are healthy and you enjoy! Slimming world plan you can eat lots of vegetables, oily rich fish and good sources of slow releasing carbohydrate such a new potatoes and root vegetables. 

    I would advise you to stick to live natural yogurt not muller lights though as they are loaded with chemicals sweeteners and are healthy at all. 

    Try to have fooda that would exsist if a 24 hour super market closes down. Go back to nature, so to speak.

    you weight will fluctuate and that's ok it's not something to worry about too much unless you think this is due to food intake of binges/ starvation. Etc. 

    Really believe you can achieve your health goals!  Your belief in it will keep you going when says seem tough. 

    I have some recipes on my website on the blog section along with mindset information. 

    If you have any other wuestion please fire away. 

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  • KirstenNutritionAdvisor
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    Mental health doesn't affect metabolism.

    however when we feel low we can be driven to eat more carbohydrate based foods as they help increase serotonin level. 

    I will comment more later.