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Playing a musical instrument with CP

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I was given vouchers for music lessons for Christmas & I've just got round to booking a lesson but I'm unsure what instrument to choose. I can choose from guitar,bass,keyboard,drums or voice. My CP means I have a weaker left side & I struggle with co-ordination. I also have a bad startle reflex so I'm thinking that drums might not be the best instrument for me! I contacted the music school for advice and they weren't sure what to suggest but have offered me a trial lesson where I get to try two different instruments.
Does anyone have any suggestions for what instruments might be easier to learn?


  • niceboots
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    Hi @the_velvet_girl, I have cp and have a more affected left side, when I was school age I tried both drums and guitar, I really enjoyed drums so had drum lessons throughout school and actually found it helped with my coordination problems - it took a lot of concentration but I really got loads of enjoyment from playing. I did struggle with using my left leg on the hi-hat, so generally kept that locked shut. In terms of startle reflex I have a pretty bad one, but don't remember it being a particular problem. 
    I tried guitar a couple of times both at school and when at uni, both regular lessons and attempted self taught but never really got on with it because of my reduced coordination and fine motor control in my left hand particularly, I really struggled to get my fingers to move around the fret board easily and quick enough... it often felt like it increased the tightness in my fingers. Which was frustrating as I really liked the idea of playing the guitar as I love music. I'd suggest trying as many instruments as possible, and sticking with the one you like best... good luck!