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facts on mr for pip dont understand what all this means

nannydebbie Member Posts: 41 Connected
just been reading my reports again why mr was not changed but dont understand  call back completed discussed daily living activities1  and 4 explained act 5 has a inconsistency in ap report descriptor a chosen but b justified  task sent to case manager to be looked at again decision maker sought advice from health pro then stated please review activity 5  a selected justification seems to suport last sentence states needs aids needs


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    Hi @nannydebbie

    You shouldn't assume that it even is understandable. Sometimes their excuses are total nonsense.

    Now you have the MR you could proceed with a court appeal if you feel able. There is information and help out there.
  • wildlife
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    @nannydebbie Well done. Did you ask for the call back after the MR? It is difficult to understand the points system but am I right to say they are still looking at it and you're still telling them it's wrong and why it's wrong? Go girl! This is how I got mine changed without going to a Tribunal. Just so you and others understand they have to keep going back to the assessment people to check the medical side of things as no-one at DWP has any medical knowledge whatsoever. While ever they're doing that there's a good chance of getting a better result but it's down to the claimant to get the information across that the original reasons for points given do not make any sense and give them more information why you should qualify for a different number of points. Good Luck...X 
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    Hello - now that you have your MR decision, it should be easier to go through each of the descriptors very thoroughly. The wording is subtly different for each descriptor, and the points you get can be based on whether something applies to you 'sometimes' or 'always', so make sure you get to grips with the wording of each of the activities and descriptors that apply to you. It's also a good idea if possible to think of an example to illustrate each of the descriptors that applies to you. Preparing for an appeal can be quite time consuming, so perhaps consider calling the Scope helpline to see if there is a advice agency near you that may be able to help you. The website www.benefitsandwork.co.uk also has some excellent guidance on preparing for an appeal.
    Good luck!
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    Jayne thanks for reply will call helpline in morning 


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