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TINNITUS vertigo pip and put appeal in on mobility side

sundontshine123 Member Posts: 91 Courageous
I am in reciept of daily living which i won back may from 2 points to enhanced.
I have sent the DWP more evidence due to appointments i gave them in renewal and MR as I had to go to ent now being sent tinnitus clinic next week and next month MRI scan as i suffer vertigo dizzyness feelings pressure in ears and constant ringing in ears and distorted hearing and headaches and dont sleep.
have to beg doctor for sleeping pills which he gives me 7 days worth at a time due to having suicidal thoughts.
I have explained my  symptoms in letter to dwp.
Last month i did appeal my mobility as was awarded 4 points my renewal was before law changed about mental health.
I also sent them a copy of complaint letter and the replie i got from capita which they ignored
Has anyone been successful with severe Tinnitus


  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,622 Pioneering
    Hello sundontshine123,

    It's good that you now have enhanced daily living. Regarding mobility, as you know you need at least 8 points to get the component. Despite the changes to the law, psychological distress can still be taken into account if you need prompting to undertake a journey, or you cannot undertake any journey at all. 

    Perhaps though the things to focus on are the risks that might be posed to you if you try to follow a journey alone? Or perhaps your vertigo and dizziness mean that it would take you twice as long as others to plan and follow a journey, meaning you should score a higher descriptor.

    I am not aware of someone with severe tinnitus getting the mobility component on that basis alone but I do think it would be possible, if you could show there was a risk (for example, might you be less aware of traffic?) or if it took you twice as long as someone without the condition.

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