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Lost my ESA, now struggling.

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I lost my ESA when I moved in with my partner a year ago so now he is financially responsible for me. I've tried to go back to work part time but it's such a painful struggle, I can't keep it up. It's also causing financial strain on our relationship. What to do? 


  • dogfather
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    Hi I sorry to hear you lost your ESA, what type of ESA were you awarded, contribution based or income based ESA. 
    Which group were you put in for ESA? Work related activity group or the support group. I think the work related activity group is only awarded for a year. If you are placed in the support group this can be an in definite award. 
    Has your condition changed? Can you reapply for ESA after a certain length of time? 
    Its may be worthwhile speaking to your local CAB to discuss the options that are available to you. 
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    And/or post in 'Ask a benefits advisor' category.
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    I was awarded esa I recently went to an assesment and my esa was stopped 7 weeks ago I was in the work related group I cant understand it since being on esa I have accumulated new illnesses and my mobility is worse a specialist advised me to walk pain as painful as it is I was given an assistance dog to help with this
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    The government have destroyed the lives of sick and disabled people. 
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    Hi @Leonie, I'm so sorry to hear this; it sounds like the process has been realy tough on you and your partner. I've moved this post to the Ask an Employment Advisor category, to see if they have any advice they can offer you.

    Alternatively, feel free to give the Scope helpline a ring at 0800 800 3333 if you'd prefer to speak to somebody on the phone.