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Feeling about mental health issues in your child.

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The thing that stuck me lately as I signed up to be my daughter's carer officially at the doctors was my feelings... While I have been fighting my daughters corner with everything I have got and learning by a straight learning curve straight up is "How do I feel?" Am I still fighting for her to be normal. I took her out shopping the other day on her behest and we plan to met up in a shop when I done something. I did forget that she gone their with me and needed me to stay and me not being there didn't help. I made her feel stressed and turned a trip out to her not enjoying it at all and demanding to go back to the car. This made me think was I still not acknowledging her anxiety can still be an issue. I forget as she happy at home and in hospital education. Its only times like this that remind me that all is not well. 
She herself has expected that's the way she is but perhaps I haven't. I was reminded by a very good friend of mine that she is perfect the way she is. My plan of all three of my girls in one school in their teen years left years ago. It will be 4 years this November the difficulties began. I am hoping and praying sixth form will be a success. 
Is there anything else I need to come to terms with? Thoughts please. 


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    Hi @elanaoali I don't think it ever easy to understand and support someone with mental health issues as everyone is so different and has different needs.

    Do either of you get any outside support?
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    Yes I have lots of support of friends,family and my church. One of my friends has had struggled with mental issues for years and was the one that kick my butt to look after me. 
    I found a Parent carer group with children under 25 with special needs, disabilities and life limiting illness.  which meets very local to me once a month. Miss this one this week but will be going to the next one. Plus I going to their once a year get together in June. Nervous but put myself down with the people who children are moving on 16+. I have a good GP who listen very carefully to what I had to say when I had a melt down. 
    My daughter has the support of excellent Psychiatrist at CAMHS and her school hospital education as well as friends and family. So all very well supported.
    I am just looking for people with children with mental health issue especially teens. 
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    Hi @elanaoali

    It's great that you have that support network around you. It is so difficult when you have children with any medical issues, whether is be mental health, physical health or both to remember that you need to make sure you take care of yourself. We are so desperate to be there for our children that we take a back seat. 

    It isn't possible to prepare yourself for everything that may or may not crop up but by having that support network and having an open dialogue with your daughter that will help you both.