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Unsuitable Wheelchair - Need Help and Advice

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hi guys, i'm new here, just wondering if anybody could offer me some advice, i'm a 34 year old female with CP and up until a couple of years ago have always been fairly independent and only relied on a stick for getting about, however this has recently changed due to chronic pain in my back increased tightness in my legs and as a result a lot more falling over, the NHS has issued me with a standard wheelchair, however I have spent two weeks using it and I find it totally unsuitable , it's too heavy and does not have much control, I was hoping this would be my answer to getting out and about and feeling safe on my own without having to rely on my partner for support, but as it turns out he still has to come with me as i'm still not confident with the wheelchair provided.  I have looked at different options such as the quickies and kuschell wheelchairs but they all come with a fair price tag, I don't want to seem ungrateful but I need this chair to be my legs, and everywhere I turn nobody seems to know how to help, any advice would be great.

kind regards 


  • MikeBroderick
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    Hi @Bubbles83.

    Great to here from you Diane, and welcome to the Community!

    I sympathise, as I have CP myself and find things a bit more challenging due to getting older.

    It might be worth discussing this further with your GP, as you got the original wheelchair through the NHS. If it's not fit-for-purpose, I'd raise the point again to see if there are any further options through the NHS, as one chair definitely doesn't fit all!

    There are some handy tips on disability aids and equipment as well as lots of discussions around the same, and Cerebral Palsy  here on the site and in the communtiy, so please have a good look around.
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    thank you for your reply mike, since my post I have been in contact with my OT (or attempted to as she's away on holiday till tomorrow) its nice to know that i'm not alone and you're completely right a wheelchair should work around your needs and mine simply doesn't, I don't think enough is been done to look at  how CP changes as you get older and therefore how the needs of the individual changes.  I shall have a look round the site and see what help and advice there is 

    many thanks 
  • chip
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    Hi Diane, 
    were you assessed and measured for your wheelchair . I would contact the department that issued you with your wheelchair and explain the problem.
    i had similar issues and contacted the hospital that supplied it, they were more than happy to help and I was issued with a much more suitable wheelchair. 
    If you don't ask, you don't get !! 
    Good liuck
    Chip xx
  • Bubbles83
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    Hi chip, thank you for your reply, my OT rang me today and she basically said " well we've supplied you with a wheelchair" I just feel like im banging my head, because I have some mobility I think they see it as you get what you're given, I had explained to her that my legs suffer spasms and tend to kick away from the foot plates at varies points and could she provide me with some kind of strap so I could keep them under control as I think this problem would start to become dangerous her response was " im not sure what we can do to help I'll have to get back to you"  I was measured and they provided me with a NHS child's wheelchair because I am only 5'2 and of petite build. I don't want to seem as if im asking to much as there was an air of frustration in her voice 

    Diane x