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Hi, my name is MrsEinstein!

I need help!
I am not registered disabled but life is just getting arder every day because of pain.
I have had two lower back surgeries and and leg nerve damage, this really limits me on a daily basis.
I have had a small stroke which now causes me severe migraine.
I have had breast cancer, the treatment for this changed me and i have now been diagnosed with fibromialgia.
some days i cant take the pain any more...i want to give up but the love of my beautiful family keep me going.
Trying to fit into a normal/healthy world is a daily struggle, ive now lost two jobs because of my health.....i need help.


  • GeoffBosworth195661
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    Hi @MrsEinstein A warm welcome and you must be struggling with changes to your health that is getting harder. Have you updated your health status that as deteriorated. Have you up dated your situation with your GP to keep your records updated. This is a chance for your GP to assess your medication to control your pain.

  • MrsEinstein
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    My gp is up to date with my health but meds are gradually being changed. My chronic pain has been going on for several years now, im exhausted trying to fir in.....having a job is so dificult, all i was doing was working and sleeping, anything else was slotted in if icould cope. 
    What do people do when their health gets bad...how do they get help?

  • Alex
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    Hi @MrsEinstein

    How are you? Sorry to hear about your situation. 

    Are you getting all the financial support you might be entitled to?

    Scope has a checker if you're not sure.
  • steve51
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    Hi @MrsEinstein

    A very very good welcome to you I do hope that we can help/support you.

    Please let me know if I can help you as I've got the same "T-Shirt"

    We have got a very active online community which will be a good idea for you.

    Please let me know if you require any help with this ????