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Fitbit charger, cerebral palsy and calories

I wear my Fitbit tracker on my ankle, I push my wheelchair backwards with my right foot.  If I wear it on my wrist because I don’t move my arms much whilst pushing it doesn’t register distance.

I regularly do 15000 footsteps, 10k a day but the tracker says I burn 2000 calories.

I believe because of cerebral palsy my calorie burn rate is my higher,  is this true?  If so, can anyone tell me how I calculate my burn rate? Thanks Kevin 


  • MikeBroderick
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    Hi @disabledkevin:

    Great approach for your Fitbit.

    I don't  have a reliable, scientific answer for you, but anecdotally I've always been led to believe that in walking around on crutches due to CP I may expend more energy than others in getting around. 

    I can't swear to it though.