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Hi, my name is nadie!

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Hey i am new to this. I have two sons 2 and 4 years old! My 4 year old who starts school in September was diagnosed with autism two years ago. I work at present on Tuesday Saturday and Sunday but no longer have childcare on Saturdays. My 4 year old will not stay with anyone else and the company are offering me to work alternative Saturdays rather than having them all off despite my childcare issues. My son will not be able to tolerate me working alternative Saturdays as it will disrupt his routine due to his autism. Has anyone had any experience of this and can anyone help?

Im not sure what the issue is because I would still be working every Sunday and I am flexible to work in the week. 


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    Hi @nadie

    Welcome to our website and online community I do hope that we can help you??

    Please please pop over to our home page where you you will find lots of info which will hopefully help you??

    We also have a number of Advisors ready & waiting to help you.

    Please let us know if we can help you further??