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Hi, my name is CrowGirl53!

CrowGirl53 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
My name is Enigma and I'm a security officer.
I am autistic  and also have adhd ptsd .
My Security Manager says that he doesn't have time to Babysit us officer's,  when I have really tried to get support from him or my company. 
Even, H.R did not reply to me when I asked of why do I have to stay behind at work for up to 16 hours on the odd occasion,  of the next officer doesn't show up, then we may have to and I say HAVE to stay for up to 16 hours if it takes them between after my already 12 hour shift has finished  and the possible extra 4 hours.

My managers are Intimidating Bullies 
who have said quite nasty comments to me and a out me in a joint email once and then sent  it so all my other colleagues got to see that apparently,  I'm NEEDY.  

Last night , I felt Bullied and Intimidated by a top company manager, to do a job that has nothing to do with security  and yet I'm only on minimum pay.

I feel at risk as I've explained  of a strange Male courier that came in last night and he. Was  trying to blackmail me to take a very heavy parcel from him.

I told my Security manager and shared the email to colleagues, so they get to witness of his ignoring g such a plea
For help.I said I'm Scared around this particular driver and yet I have not received  a reply about that.

If I place a formal grievance, then what happens is my 2 managers get together  and arrange a meeting and make sure that I end up alone at the meeting,  so there are of no witnesses to them ridiculing me .



  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 52,934 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @CrowGirl53 welcome to the forum. Don't sound too good does it. What is in your contract for working times? Might be worth joining a union who will assist you in meeting etc and guide you what todo. Put all correspondence in writing and keep copies.
  • Hannah_Alumni
    Hannah_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,912 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @CrowGirl53

    I'm so sorry that is happening to you. I echo Sandy's comments about joining a union if you already are not part of one.
    Is there anyone high up in HR that you could speak to directly? Rather than putting in an email or form to HR in general? I think it would be good to have someone directly when contacting and like Sandy said, keeping copies of those correspondence. 
    Hannah - She / Her

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