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PIP Money Has Been Reduced After Review!

tonyh781 Community member Posts: 4 Listener
A couple of years ago I was awarded the both the higher rate of daily living and mobility. My current situation and health conditions have actually worsened yet after having my first review recently PIP have cut my money in half and are not giving me the mobility part!
How can they do this just like that. I wasn't even able to have a face to face assessment with them because on the day of that they called to say the assessor wasn't able to make it in.
I was told to wait at home and they would be telephoning me instead. How can they properly conduct an assessment over the phone for a start and come to the conclusion that I did not need the mobility part, what should I do now?
Any help and thoughts about this would be appreciated.


  • nasturtium
    nasturtium Community member Posts: 376 Pioneering
    edited January 11
    Hello tonyh781
    It all depends on how you filled in your review form. It is always advised to never just put "no change" and always complete the review form as a new claim and give detailed examples on why you would not be able to complete the 12 PIP activities that apply to you Reliably (safely, repeatedly, in a timely manor or to an acceptable standard)
    You will now need to write a detailed Mandatory Reconsideration letter (Do not telephone to request a MR) explaining that your condition has not changed your conditions have worsened. It is advised to give real world incidents that have happened to you completing the 12 activities that apply to you and describe in detail what happened, who witnessed it and what were the consequences.
    Also The descision maker needed to give detailed reasons on why they think your condition/s have improved to warrant your award to be reduced or to be removed. If they have not given details on how your condition has improved meaning that you can complete all of the activities safely, repeatedly, in a timely manor and to an acceptable standard then they should have not reduced your award.
    I give advice on this reply here to another member of this forum that you might find helpful if your MR is not successful and you need to go to appeal which is highly reccommended. Here is the link https://forum.scope.org.uk/discussion/comment/696285#Comment_696285
    Hope that helps
    How to challenge a PIP award that has been reduced at Review https://forum.scope.org.uk/discussion/comment/696285#Comment_696285
  • tonyh781
    tonyh781 Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thank you for your reply. Well without getting all the paper work back out I know that they have ignored alot of the answers to those questions. Once more they never even saw me face to face because on the day I was due to go to the assesment they telephoned me and said the assessor was unable to come in.

    I was then told to stay at home and that I would be getting a telephone call instead. Plus I explained about a new condition I was suffering with and it seems like they ignored that as well, I was in tears when I was speaking about my conditions because they so debilitating and upsets me.

    How can they make proper decisions when they haven't even seem you face to face!

  • nasturtium
    nasturtium Community member Posts: 376 Pioneering
    edited January 11
    They conduct the majority of assessments now over the telephone since the pandemic.
    tonyh781 said:
    How can they make proper decisions when they haven't even seem you face to face!
    They make there descisions based on the written verbal evidence you provide on your PIP2 Questionnaire form or in your case your review form. If you include detailed relevent evidence on your form then you might not need to have an assessment and a paper based assessment could be done.
    Now you will need to do a MR letter as advised above and please read the link I provided as it will assist you if you need to go to tribunal.
    Good luck with your MR :smile:
    How to challenge a PIP award that has been reduced at Review https://forum.scope.org.uk/discussion/comment/696285#Comment_696285
  • mzshell
    mzshell Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    Hi,Im Mzsh3l,my situation is kinda similar,at first, my claim was done by a home visit,it was mainly based on MH,going back from its started in 1996,and i was awarded high rate in both parts,My review some time after was done over the fone,and because phyical problems had started,it seemed like the interview was mostly about phyiscal,not MH,which is my main issue.Its hard to for the drs to get me go see them for anything,i leave the house,only on a sunday,my brother picks me up and i go his house for a few hours,then im back home.I was actually on Warafin,and because i wouldnt attend for regular bloods for my INR,they had to alter to Apixiban,cuz its not monitored as much as warfarin,, I have a telephone interview on the 5th of february,ive wandered off abit...but after my first telephone assesment,i felt ripped off,my daily living stopped as high rate,bur they lower the other part.I dont like the call assesments,because your just a voice,when they come out to your home,its different they actually see YOU! I know my body language says alot for me,and you can see im not just repeating stuff whats posted on youtube,say this,say that,,I have loads of videos and audios of me,that i need to show them,but ive looked rvrywhere and i cant see no way at all of how i can send them ,so they can see how i am everyday,they supposed to be Stress Tics,but they start soon as i wake up,and last for 2 hours or hour,im constantly humming 24/7 anyway,but the tics are a whole new level,im Humming,Grunting,Growling,shouting obscence words etc,i try hold them in,then phyiscal tics start like Jerking my head back,heaving,feel choked,then tears come, my heart goes upto 135bpm when these episodes happen.Ive not shown the dr,they take no interest,besides that the videos are scarey,my face alters,my eyes glaze,im looking around like im in a trance or something,too be honest people say "i didnt think it was that bad,till i hear em and saw videos,you look possessed.I need just to show anybody who can give an opion on what it looks like to them,because its getting worse,and i cant put up with it everyday,its not fair on my family,and neighbours,id feel alot better if just somebody could hear what i go like :-( Sorry for the life story
  • TheManFromLondon
    TheManFromLondon Community member Posts: 106 Pioneering

    "you can see im not just repeating stuff whats posted on youtube,say this,say that"

    hmm, why would you say that?

    Anyway, if you dont show that to your GP, nothing further to discuss. It appears you like to keep selective things back. Why? What is the problem your GP, who provides your medication, to see your condition on a video?

    Unless, you worry this video will be assessed from a Psychiatrist and it wont match the condition, which to be fair you are very vague what it is. What is that you have? Is there a name for it? Not in your post, not what it would match those "symptoms".

    My point is, you may be passing the wrong message to the PIP claim. I sure see it this way. Just being honest, I just say this is really vague.

    The assessor uses a software that ticks boxes, if your condition doesn't make sense, it will strike you, No matter how many youtube videos you have watched, you never get to play it right. Even how you speak about your condition has a pattern when you are really sick.

    I suggest you get help from CAB to explain yourself, You are missing on a benefit that, in my opinion, you deserve. It just comes out wrong when you try to explain it.


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