Legacy IR ESA (Support Group) with Housing Benefit (MANAGED MIGRATION)

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Hello everyone and good evening.

I am currently in receipt of Income related ESA (Support Group) together with Housing Benefit and until today I wasn't expecting to be asked to migrate to Universal Credit until 2028/29. However, I've just learned that this is now being brought forward to "by the end of December 2025". 

I live in a private rental property, have lived here at the same address since 2007 and have been on a periodical rolling tennancy since 2009.

I am so worried about how I will show proof of my payable rent to UC for my property as I obviously no longer have a written tenancy agreement and haven't had for a number of years. I also can't find any useful information regarding this anyhere online from any official sources. It really is making me feel very unwell.

My rent is paid monthly via standing order through my bank to the letting agency and my landlord remains the same.

Please could anyone help to give me some clarity and therefore some peace of mind regarding this?

How will I be asked to prove my housing costs for the housing element of UC if I do not have a tenancy agreement? What will I need please? and how can I prepare?

I know this is possibly a year or more away yet but my anxiety and panic attacks are surging because of it at the moment. Any help, clarity and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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    I think you may have seen this from this thread here.re-sunaks-speech-the-acceleration-of-uc-rollout

    I've not seen anything official that confirms whether this is true or not. For this reason for now, it's still 2028 unless a change of circumstances prompts a move in the mean time. 

    To answer your question about eligibility to pay rent, it's not just a tenancy agreement they will accept. If you still have a copy of the tenancy agreement from all those years, then that will be fine, as well as bank statements to prove you've actually paid it, not forgetting a letter from your landlord would also be accepted. 
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    Aww, thank you Poppy. Your knowledge advice, and information is so reassuring to me.

    I do believe I have some old, really old tenancy agreements somewhere and a letter from my landlord, I'm sure wouldn't be a problem either.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for 2028 in the meantime, but prepare for the worst if it were to happen sooner.

    Many, many thanks again Poppy. I truly appreciate it. 😊💐