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muscle spasms and blindfolding

AndrewdsAndrewds Member Posts: 10
edited June 2014 in Disabled people
Has there been any studies studying the affects that being blindfolded has on muscle spasms, I think it relaxes mine. A man named Robin Burn in Wales who website is http://www.theautismcentre.co.uk/, did some unpublished work in the 60's re massage therapy. He thinks muscle spasm is caused by having to respond to sensory before you have time to process it.


  • JDWilsonJDWilson Member Posts: 90
    My daughter gets most of her muscle spasms at night. Sometimes they wake her up.Has anyone any suggestions to help ease these cramps she takes Baclofen and is fairly active when she can be.
  • AndrewdsAndrewds Member Posts: 10
    radox in the bed before bed helps
  • AndrewdsAndrewds Member Posts: 10
    in the bath I mean
  • HymerkarHymerkar Member Posts: 63 Courageous
    I cant imagine that being blindfolded would help me in any way. If I cannot see where I am i.e. if I am in total darkness, or as a child being blindfolded at childrens parties etc, my feet freeze to the floor almost as if my shoes have been glued. If I have to get up to the loo in the night and cannot see, I just cant move. I have always seen this as my bodies protective system being in overdrive! I can cause problems when arriving home after a night out, I have to wait until my hubby goes in and puts the outside light on before I can get out of the car.

    Hope you find you answer soon.

    Take care, Karen
  • JDWilsonJDWilson Member Posts: 90
    Thankyou for changing the place for RADOX that could have been messy. I have found baths help She used to be in the bath at 4 in the morning when cramps got really bad. She also swims regularly which we think helps relax her muscles.
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