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Compression garments for a weak trunk

renacahill Member Posts: 145
Does anyone have any experience of these. I am thinking benik vest or thera togs. I'm not looking into rigid support garments but ones that provide trunk compression and proprioception to occur making the child sit in a more upright way - not quite sure how they work really!

Has anyone had one supplied via the NHS? Or had their child use one? Thanks for any help as I've not seen anyone wearing one in this country, but plenty of info on the internet.


  • mafala
    mafala Member Posts: 71 Listener
    My son has been using a lycra suit for many years. He had theratogs for a year or two, but as he grew it didn't give him enough support. The current lycra suit is from Tru Life and he gets it through the NHS. You should speak to your grandson's physio or OT about it. They would be familiar with it. There is also another suit called Second Skin, but it has boning in it and is more rigid. There should be a fact sheet on this site about Dynamic Lycra Splinting as it's called. It's a wonderful piece of garment for a floppy trunk and makes a big difference from speech to fine motor skills.
  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Thank you, we will look into this asap. I have never seen a child wearing one, or heard of them being used in the UK, so now we will discuss this with physio and OT (both always very good and receptive to ideas). Will look into the whole thing now I know whats available. My grandson trots around happily in his gait trainer, and makes attempts at assisted crawling, but with sitting he is just hunched over having to prop continuously with a very rounded back, so it's really the sitting that is holding so much up.
  • libismum
    libismum Member Posts: 13
    Hi there our daughter has been wearing a second skin lycra suit DMO since she was three, it does exaclty what you say it increasees feedback and gives a far better awareness. It was suggested by her physio ( NHS), it has to be measured and made to fit and is monitored about every 6-8 weeks by her lovely orthotist who also casts for her AFO splints. It is an all in one suit whith a natty zip system for toileting ( the crotch bit is cut away and she wears her underwear over the top a little like superman!) although they do come in separates sort of shorts and top. it is probably the most effective piece of support she has and in her words " It stops me feeling wobbly" it certainly means that she is less tired and more co ordinated !, she never objects to wearing it. When she is measured for a new suit she is offered a choice of colours from swatches and they even added tags to the zips this time so that she could help to get in and out of it. Initially we were worried about her over heating as her first suit arrived during a rare August heatwave however according to the physio kids wear them in the middle east with no problems at all , we have never had an issue with her overheating. Lately she has been struggling to learn to swim and the physio has suggested that we try wearing it in the pool !
    A little boy in my class at school uses a "hug shirt" which is less supportive but does increase feedback and proproception. hope you find the right support for your young man
    best wishes joe
  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Thank you joe too. All this is very new as we never thought of these types of vest - I would even be prepared to pay if it helped Elliot. He is coming up to three and wears AFOs but is unbelievably wobbly, and we recognise he needs some stability in his trunk. We are off again to Brainwave in august as some lovely person/s have sponsered the little monkey for most of the treatment fee, and the lovely physio there would also give us some input, as they spotted right away his main problem was his weak trunk. Heavens there are so many things out there to get our heads around ! :-)
  • LizzyBee
    LizzyBee Member Posts: 3
    I am new to the forum, but I was really excited to hear positive things about Lycra as my little boy with a weak trunk is just started the assessment process for a suit. I am hoping it will eventually help him feel more secure in himself to move about independently and sit on his own. He is 17 months and desperate to get about but is limited by his weak trunk.


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