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multi level surgery

joebloggs Member Posts: 6
hi i am desperately keen to find out more about this a lady posted about this and said that it had really helped with rotation and position of feet.this soundsvery similar to me &id love to discuss this surgery please would you tell me more abt it? thanks


  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    Hi Joe Bloggs. Not sure if the lady you mention might be me or not? My daughter had multi level surgury last year and it was discussed a bit incuding how she came on afterwards. Now 12 months post 2nd op she is doing well she can walk a little on her own and uses a crutch for more walking. Her legs were tight together at tops of her legs no space at all between legs she is now much straighter and her feet are not collapsing inwards as they were. I'm not saying it will be easy it has took a lot of work to get her where she is but she is continuing to improve. She had bone taken from her hip to stabelise the feet more her legs were broke at the top and metal plates were attached. Scaring has healed well and doesnt seem to worry her she goes swimming 3 times a week with no problems from nasty stares and questions. Each person is different and I am not qualified to say whether it will help or not I am pleased my daughter had this done as it has helped her but it has not been easy. Please discuss with your surgeon and see what options you have. I wish you luck.
  • mumwhocares
    mumwhocares Member Posts: 4
    hi i posted late nov to early jan this daughter had multi level surgery and we wouldnt recommend it to any body we had major complications and nearly lost is now 5months since surgery and she still hasnt gone back to school yet has lots of home physio and 3 physio outpatients a week plus cams and other daughter still cant bend her knee she is far worse now than before the surgery and we have been back to c consultant at gobowen and all he could do is apologise that it hadnt been daughter is in lots of pain and is woken up numerous times in the night.before surgery she could crawl and use a k walker frame for very short distances .now she cant even stand long enough to pull underwear up after being to loo or a bath.we are having to rethink our adapted house as its to painful to be hoisted into special daughter was in mainstream school but we are loooking to a special school because caring for her will be more difficult and she cant sit for more than 30 -40 minutes in her current wheelchair because of back hip and leg daughters surgery was massive which consisted of right ankle broken fib and tib broken and plate put in left leg consisted of fib and tib broke knee rotated thigh broke and two plates put in.they went into her hips and moved ligaments and tendons around her surgery lasted over 6and a half hours. her epidural failed and had to have ketamin to get her of her face so she could forget about the pain.if she had been an animal you wouldnt have let it suffer.she encountered severe breathing difficulties,going green because her bowel and stomach stopped working properly.she has massive spasms which she never prevoiusly had and is now under child psychology because what little bit of independance eg playing with toys on floor transfering onto toilet into car is now gone or severly not listen to surgeons they dont give you such an honest picture they dont tell u of how many go wrong and what you can expect.our physios have been great but every day is now a learning curb.
  • JDWilson
    JDWilson Member Posts: 90
    hi mumwhocares I am so sorry to hear that your daughter is still no better I was hoping going by what my daughter went through too that she would have improved given time. There is nothing I can say to ease how upset and frustrated you must be at how things have turned out. We had so many questions and worry before samanthas surgury which was pretty intense too 1st op was 10 hrs in theatre 2nd was 3 hrs. She was sore, frustrated and felt useless for a while after her ops and is just realising that it might have helped her. (12 months post 2nd op) She still does complain of pain and tigling in the tops of her legs where the plates are and does not like to lie on one side as it hurts but other than that she is doing well. I cannot imagine what you are going through now We both took our daughters in hoping things would be better for them. It took time but samantha is doing well I do HOPE things improve for your daughter given time but sounds as though there are a lot of issues to sort. Please let us know if things improve for her. Thinking of you all. Julie.x
  • cookie44
    cookie44 Member Posts: 1
    Hi my son had multilevel surgery in january 2011. He was in theatre for 5hours and has plates and screws in his hips. He has definitely improved although he still walks on his toes on his left leg. His legs were rotated in and his foot was deformed. I would recommend it but everyone responds differently. Ashley had intense physio when he came out of hospital and we did exercises and stretches at home everyday mostly twice a day.
    He is about to go to Bristol to have the plates and screws removed.
    He has days where he is in pain and his hips click at times but on the whole he is much better.
    I think every child is different and no-one not even the best surgeon can say the child is going to be better they just can advise and say they hope it will improve their condition. Things do go wrong and our consultant did say it might not work and Ashley could be worse but I think its worth taking that risk when they say 75% sure it will help.
    Hope this helps you


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