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Help applying for Blue badge?

Hi I wondered how I go about applying for a blue Badge in the UK. I did not pass last time I applied. Even though I have a mild form on Cerebral palsy which will not get better. I use no wheel chair or aids.

I don't leave the house often because I'm getting more tired from walking. when I am walking long distance round shops I stop when I'm tired and often lean on things. The pressure from walking so much is what causes me pain and I often fall over when walking with friends who can walk faster than me.

The reason I did not get a blue badge is because I can walk long distances sometimes but it varies. one minute I have loads of energy and then the next day I can't even be bothered to walk round a shop with the aid of the trolley.

my response from the assessor was to come back once I have some walking aids. I don't want them. I want to manage my condition with out aids. I want the choice to walk less when I'm tired. I am getting fed up of them not understanding that just because Im not in a wheel chair does not mean I'm not in pain.

Any advice will be great. I have little evidence to give them as I no longer see a pediatrician or physio as I am 21. I will ask my doctor to write a more detailed account of what my problems are.

I know I need to focus on telling them its not going to get better but age has made the pain worse. I am more stiff and dont run around like a 12 year old.


    TANYAFIELDING Member Posts: 18 Listener
    I had a similar experience. Just walked down the hospital corridor and got turned down. Few years later I am deffinately worse but can't face re applying.
  • VickyS
    VickyS Member Posts: 129 Connected
    They are really clamping down on giving out the Blue Badges now which is a real shame as they can be such a lifeline for many disabled people. It seems silly that they are only interested in the worst mobility cases and not about preventing disabilities from getting worse.

    I think getting your GP to write a clear account of how bad your condition can get in regards to your mobility is a great idea.

    Fingers crossed that they change their minds, good luck!
  • Stickyfingers Stuff
    Stickyfingers Stuff Member Posts: 1
    i was refused a blue badge when i first applied too, even though i relied on a wheelchair for outdoor mobilisation! i got one eventually as i qualified for the higher rate mobility allowance of DLA - i can only suggest that you reapply when you can but focus on what you CAN'T do on a regular basis rather than what you CAN do sometimes - i know this goes against the grain of keeping a positive attitude but it's sometimes necessary

    my other advice would be to use mobility aids - i see my scooter and stroller as ways of extending my range and saving energy - if getting somewhere takes all your energy you will have none left to enjoy what you do when you get there, so use aids to get there and park the aid - the aid is a means to an end, a facilitator

    try your local Shopmobility scheme - you can use their scooters and see how they suit you, get used to one without having to spend a lot (they are often free or very cheap to use)

    my own scooter is a small lightweight one which can be taken apart and loaded into a car - brilliant - if i haven't the energy to load it myself it means i haven't the energy to go out - i get into lots of places cheap and often get to take an attendant/carer in for free too

    ..... and get a Radar key for disabled toilets, there's rarely a queue!

    good luck


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