Cerebral Palsy
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Music - Helps movement ? Helps everyday tasks? - Like eating?

NoahNoah Member Posts: 430 Pioneering
edited August 2016 in Cerebral Palsy
Do you find music helps you move? And find those connections in the brain?

Would also be interested to hear from any parent who has perhaps noticed if playing music helps their child with movement? Is performing a task like eating easier with or without music? It is just something that interests me greatly how music can stimulate the brain and make those connections easier.

When I was swimming the other day, there was music playing, and I really believe it helped me swim better and move muscles that I normally can not feel, or move well. It would make a very interesting study for someone, music and swimming for people with CP or similar movement disorders. I'm going to buy a music player that works in water and see where this takes me.........

Would also be interested to hear from anyone who has completed any research on this or knows of any reliable studies.


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