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CurlyColl Member Posts: 5 Listener
hi im 38 I have non progressive atakia I am experiencing deteriation which is causing me to feel really low + trouble sleeping can anyone offer any advice


  • VickyS
    VickyS Member Posts: 129 Connected
    Hi CurlyColl,

    If talking to someone will help then please tell us how you're feeling. Sometimes it helps to just talk about it, we're really good listeners here on the online community :)  
    Also i'm not in your current situation but have you been to see your GP to see if there is anything they can do for you in regards to the trouble you're having sleeping?

    Vicky xx
  • E2015
    E2015 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Curly Coll

    sorry to hear your feeling low and unable to sleep, have you tried joining a local gym doing summing, sauna and soft cycling. Where you can meet people have chat and Social networking. Also helps to sleeping after gym actives.

    All the best
  • CurlyColl
    CurlyColl Member Posts: 5 Listener

    Hi I did go to the doctors and now I am having councilling, I have started swimming + will b joining a gym

    chatting does help so if anyone wants to  chat please contact me



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