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Hi, my name is nads1phil!

nads1phil Member Posts: 2
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Hello everyone. I have joined this community, in the hope of finding some h lawful advice and information, to find appropriate help and support for my son to live independently. He is 18 on Tuesday, has ASD & ADHD - has been under Social Services since 2012 - but has been failed again and again by LA. He has not had any core or statutory assessments, even for transition. I am sick of being fobbed off and he needs help and support as now going down a very slippery path and I am very concerned/worried as his mother /carer.


  • Zec Richardson
    Zec Richardson Member Posts: 152 Pioneering
    Welcome to the Scope community, I'm sure someone at Scope will be able to help with some advice.
    Unfortunately so many disabled people are being let down by a system that was set up to protect them, government cuts haven't helped and its very worrying.
  • nads1phil
    nads1phil Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Zec. I do hope someone out there may have experienced similar situation and may be able to share some of the barriers faced in getting the right support and indeed - how they went about it. I feel we have just been fobbed off and now my son 18 - they can wash their hands of him and rejoice in having preserved their '30 pieces of silver' aka 'precious budget!'
    It's so short sighted and really compromises the credibility of a 'Social Worker!' ( that's just my opinion!). Anyway, thanks for your comments.


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