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Are there are any developments for waterproof hearing aids?

Louc Community member Posts: 13 Courageous


  • Louc
    Louc Community member Posts: 13 Courageous
    Hi Vicki, my son, now 10, is moderately deaf (bilateral) and wears aids. He used to love swimming but as he's grown older feels more and more isolated in the pool without his hearing aids in. He can't interact with friends, he has to copy others during swimming lessons or watch the instructor very careful (some don't even do actions, just shout). I feel he's missing out on such a great activity and one that could even save his life. Are there are any developments for waterproof hearing aids? I am praying for the day they appear on the market. Thanks, Louise
  • VickiKirwin
    VickiKirwin Community member Posts: 69 Courageous
    Hi Louise

    Great timing - the first waterproof digital hearing aid came onto the UK market last year! The 'Siemens Aquaris' is suitable for moderate hearing loss and you can read more about it here: They are not yet routinely available from the NHS contract range of hearing aids but NHS audiology services can buy hearing aids outside of the contract if there is a more suitable model available so you could ask your audiologist for advice on the options locally. They may feel that your son's hearing aids are more appropriate for a number of reasons, including if for example, he uses direct audio input with a radio aid at school (which isn't available on the Aquaris). If you're interested in buying them privately in addition to his NHS hearing aids then I would advise speaking to an independent registered hearing aid dispenser rather than a chain who tend to be tied to one particular manufacturer. Your local audiology department may be able to advise on a local trusted dispenser or contact us at NDCS and we would be happy to provide you with further guidance on purchasing hearing aids privately if you choose this option. One thing to bear in mind though is that the acoustics in swimming pools are often so bad that even with hearing aids it is impossible to hear a swimming coach or someone on the side calling to you. NDCS runs a project called Me2 which aims to make mainstream leisure activities and sports deaf-friendly. Contact the Me2 team for tips and guidance for swimming coaches to help make life easier for your son during lessons . Vicki
  • Louc
    Louc Community member Posts: 13 Courageous
    Hi Vicki,

    This is great news, many thanks for letting us know. I have forwarded the link you sent me to our audiologist as I couldn't find from the information if they are only suitable for a certain level of deafness. I hope to hear back from them soon with further advice. I appreciate your comment regarding acoustics also within swimming pools but even if my son could hear a little with some waterproof aids, for example to be able to chat with his friends, this would make him feel a lot less isolated I am sure.

    Thanks again Vicki, you've made our day!


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