I'm 28 and still live at home with my parents (!) in their council house.

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    Hi, I'm hoping you can advise me on what to do next!

    I'm 28 and still live at home with my parents (!) in their council house. I have a degenerative genetic condition that means I am not able to work - and as a result I receive ESA (support group) and am on PIP (high rate daily living, low rate mobility). 

    I need to move out and have my own space as the relationship with my parents is becoming very fractious. I have suffered with severe clinical depression in the past and fear that if I don't have somewhere of my own, I may lose my mind totally!

    I'm waiting for an appointment with my council about being considered for a council flat, but I really am worried that I won't be eligible as I live at home with my parents (and most people don't seem to think this is an issue/problem!). I need to live near my parents as my mum is my main carer.

    Desperate to live independently, but no idea where to start. Help. Thanks.
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    Hi BitsyVonDutch,

    Thanks for posting your question and thanks for contacting me directly at the helpline. We talked about speaking to your local council and having a housing options assessment. I explained that the council would assess you and place you in a band. If you would have difficulties in visiting the council offices you can ask for a housing options officer to visit you at home and carry out the assessment there. Prior to an appointment with the housing options team it would be worthwhile viewing a copy of their housing allocations policy which you can find on their website. (Let me know if you have difficulty finding it and I will send it to you by email) The policy will give you an idea as to what information you will need to provide and what help they can give you. If you have a social worker it might be a good idea to talk to them and see if they can support you to find your own accommodation. You may also need an Occupational Therapist to input into this process and help the council find the most suitable accommodation for you. You may need to wait for quite a while for a suitable property to become available especially if you are in need of adaptations to help you manage getting around the home. The Localism Act 2011 has given local authorities greater powers to manage their housing stock in a way which is appropriate for their local needs. This means that there could be various different options available to you.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how things are progressing.

    Best wishes