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My daughter is 25 years old and she is a wheelchair user and suffer from cerebral palsy since birth,  she have a degree in Geography and have been working a part-time as a library assistance for 3 years and she have been trying to get a administration job, but really stuggling and getting nowhere, is there anywhere there is a help to see where to look and applied for jobs.  Many thanks


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    Hi,  I also have cerebral palsy and worked for many happy years as an accountant for Luton Borough Council.  The way I initially got the post was under what is known as "The Sheltered Placement Scheme."  how it works is this : apply for jobs in the usual way and on your form/interview tell the company that because of your disability that the COMPANY may be able to employ you under the SHELTER PLACEMENT SCHEME.  Whereby the company get paid a percentage of your wages by the government and the disabled person gets the proper going rate for the job.  Most employees are initially accessed at being 50% as a "abled bodied employee" so the company claim 1/2  the pay back from the government.
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    There are also some useful links for people looking for work at

    Hope this helps, Alex