Not received PIP payment

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I WAS AWARDED HIGH RATE PIP 2 months ago I got my last DLA payment last month and have not received one since, if I was receiving DLA still i would have got a payment today but nothing, can anyone answer why please?


  • Markmywords
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    You would need to ask them a question like that. The paperwork should say when the first payment will be made. However PIP is every 4 weeks and not monthly.
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    Hello R1963

    Both DLA and PIP are paid 4 weeks in arrears.  PIP is generally paid on the same day of the week as the decision to award benefit. If therefore the decision was made on Thursday 20 October then your payment may not come through until this Thursday.  I would also expect that this first payment would cover the few days gap between DLA ending and PIP being awarded. 

    If in any doubt you can contact PIP to check when the payment will be made, the number is Telephone: 0800 917 2222.

    I hope this helps


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    when i was awarded my pip from dla  i got it 1 month after i was awarded it,but i was payed dla while i was waiting.
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    i think you have answered a question i was  going to ask .i was not sure if i would get my dla payments till i recieved my pip payment. i thought i would lose 4 weeks money in between