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Top seven travel tips for accessible travel



  • nanof6
    nanof6 Community member Posts: 200 Pioneering
    travel agents,dont no, you will findout your holiday will cost you 3 times the price now, ive been to tenarief spain 2 people full board 3 weeks,£600, if i now book with a company for disable people you get 7 nights 1 person £1,900   you will have a bit of a shock, if you no the hotel you are going to,  cater for wheelchairs, book it as normal, because travel agents say their price and say someone will be at the airport to assist you right from the start of your holiday,and sound like its all in the exagerated price, the airports assistence is free both ends, so dont fall for there tricks,just make sure your hotel can cater for you, your transfers should be ok if you have a foldup wheelchair,
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,665 Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 2017
    We asked "Have you struggled booking accessible holiday accommodation due to incorrect disability information?" and Lucy says:

    Senior online community officer
  • bruonjames
    bruonjames Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    Not been on a holiday in many years, lack of support, funds, and I particularly find it hard now my blue badge has expired.
     After my blue badge expired last year I have been in battle with Norfolk county council to get a renewal, apparently according to them the criteria has changed, and I am no longer eligible, I spoke with department of transport who have assured me that nothing has changed that will make it harder, but on the contrary, it should be even easier.
     As for disability living allowance, and now pip, although I score 15 points, I am still eligible to work, and all they will do for me is re train me to do a job.
     But as I explained to them, I might be disabled, but I am not stupid, I have a wealth of qualifications, my brain functions, but it's my body that will not cooperate, I do not need training to know what I can and can't do, after all, I was run over by a car travelling at about 40mph, this was back in 1984, I have had to deal with the damage caused ever since.
     As time goes by, my problems have only become more of a hindrance, and a burden, and the pain has increased, I would not expect that over time my damaged bits would heal themselves, I don't have a magic wand, if you listened to my county council, you would think a miracle had happened, sadly the truth is, there has been no miracle, and my health has deteriorated significantly.
     I have not been on holiday since 1999, and that was a camping trip, I have only been abroad 1 for holiday, and I was only able to go because I got it free in return for carrying out maintenance, and repairs to the villa electrical system.
     Having had to stop working in 2010 because of the damage I was causing my already damaged joints meant a lack of available funds again, and no financial aid, or help also makes things tough, besides, I don't have a passport any more.
     Still, the department of work and pensions must know best, after all they know better than my surgeons, the same surgeons who told me about the damage I had already caused by working.
     Not sure I can help with any advice, except,  enjoy each day , live life to you best abilities, and play as hard as you work
     Thanks for reading
    Brion James is my name, not bruin, that was a typo.
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