What benefits am I entitled to?
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How much a month does the goverment expect as Disabaled female to live on plse?

How much am I expected to live on each month? I have a Mortgage & Untilities to pay for plse?


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    It depends on your situation. There are benefit calculators out there.
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    Everyone is in a different situation. Put your details into a benefits calculator
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    The benefits calculators are very helpful Vanessa; Depending on what area you live in, and whether youre new to the benefits system, try and avoid your initial claim being for Universal Credit if possible?  If you are already on esa or similar, you should get continuity of a sort, but I started my first ever claim for benefits last year with UC - no other choice in the area where I live - and Ive found the process over the past 9 months to be ridiculously slow and confusing. Go and speak to CAB as well,  I wish I'd gone to them before claiming, but I didnt understand how it worked at the outset. Good luck, hope it all works out.
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    Hi @VanessaFerguson

    Sound advice above from the Community. Two good calculators are 'Entitled To' and 'Turn 2 Us':-



    Unfortunately, none of the benefits account for re-payment mortgages in the way rent is accounted for by Housing Benefit - therefore it may be worth speaking to a Money Adviser about your options there (interest only etc).

    Hope this helps, but let us know if you need anything more.

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