PIP appeal or reapply?

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I have had my PIP stopped completely and had a reconsideration which was unsuccessful. As my condition has worsened, can I reapply for PIP as well as , or instead of, appealing the decision through court?


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    If you reapply, it goes from the date you phoned up and you could possibly lose money. But the appeal goes on what you were on the date of the assessment and not now.
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    If go take your current claim to appeal and win your award will be back dated  to the date it stopped. Appeals to tribunal, when done right, stand a 65% chance of success
    You can also start a new claim. If you do this you will have to juggle two sets of paperwork. This will generate a new decision date and any award thea you win from tribunal will stop at the date of the new decision.
    As your condition has worstened, the tribunal may not take this into consideration

    As they say, the choice is yours


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