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Hi, my name is RitaEliza!

Hi, I'm disabled, I have angina, arthritis in the bottom of my back.my husband is 71 years old and I'm 68.  We moved into a cançul bungalow a few years ago. My husband does not like gardening, I always did the gardening. So we had the garden paved and have a lot big pots. Got two single bed put them togethe. As I was unable at times to sit up, the bed helps me to sit up so my husband does not have to pull me up. This as helped us both my arms when pulling me up and his back. I have electric wheelchair, which Use when my back is very bad. However I do walk with a walking stick when I can. So we have done as much as we can, we had a OT come out to see if they can help in any way. I ask if we could have our kitchen done to suite our needs. 1) to have one of those units put in so we can buy a oven to put into it. 2) a work top that I can put my legs under when I set down. OT phoned us up, we was turned down. We got a lot of things to help our shelves so we now can't afford to do this ourselves. I like to be able to start baking again, bendingmup and down is to much for me. My husband does a lot already, so I don't make cakes a thing I enjoyed doing. Is there anything I can get help with this. thank you. 



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